PTG Global is one of the world’s premier private forex, training education groups. With its headquarters on Long Island, an office in downtown Manhattan and a new office being built in Boca Delray Florida, PTG’s mission is to provide our global traders with the most advanced proprietary trading software in the industry and a lightning fast, secure gateway to the U.S. Markets.

We offer the training materials and equipment to best suit the learning experience needed to become a trader. We understand that to learn, you have to put the time in, but more importantly you need to be taught.

Our success and profitability is solely contingent on the training of our new traders, so proper instruction is something we firmly believe in.

There is no such thing as a lone wolf in our firm, everyone works together along with analysts calling out trades; entry points, exit points, and risk to reward. Our goal is to  produce very successful traders. We see each student as an investment and member of our family.

Our Analysts

Harold Yosco has worked for over 40 years in the financial industry. His career on the floor of the NYSE includes positions as a broker, Registered Competitive Market Maker, floor trader, and specialist for firms such as Haas Securities, Montgomery, Lawrence O’Donnel and Van Der Mollen USA. He is an expert technician and is able to capture market sentiment as good as anyone in the business. He has consulted for various trading firms giving his opinions on currrent market conditions. Mr Yosco has also been sought after as a teacher of technical analysis and has finally settled at Pioneer Trading Academy to not only trade, but also to teach one on one with prosepective traders.

Our Trade Floor

Our state of the art trade floor sports over 100 years of combined trader experience.  Students are all well trained in early trading styles as well as todays technologically inclined trading world.  Trade floor strategies vary from day trading to swing trading and long term position holders.  Along with analyst interaction, a student has the ability to interact with any one of these real time traders.


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