Online Trade Floor

– PTG Global has developed a unquie online trading community for traders to communicate with one another, and view our trading algorithm

– Traders can view real time positions that the house account is trading

– Communicate in real time with our analysts as well as fellow traders

– A screen share of our trading algorthm gives buy/sell signals for 9 currency pairs



We will teach you to trade no matter what your skill level. Be part of a team that wants to help you succeed. We offer a wide variety of classes taught by real professionals who are former NYSE floor brokers & specialists. Classes cover a spectrum of trading styles from Day Trading, Swing Trading, Position Trading, Forex, and Commodities.

Our classes include all necessary tools and materials to make you a better trader. From introductory to advanced levels, there is always time to learn something new, and with our course materials, you will be able to do just that.

We believe the best way of learning is working with students 1 on 1 so as a student you should expect just that. We will not just give you videos to watch and feel like no one cares about you. Every morning you will be working directly with one of our head traders, getting to know one another and making sure you are learning the tools to be a sucessful trader. During the course you should expect to learn the following:

Technical Analysis – Learn technical analysis from the basics all the way through the most complex patterns and how to incorporate it into your trading or investment strategy. We believe that a sound understanding of technical analysis is a key foundation to any trading strategy.

Money Management – Picking which securities or which pair to trade is less than half the battle in the markets. We believe the most important rule in trading is capital preservation. Proper position sizing and risk management tactics are critical elements for long term success as a trader or investor.

Market Psychology – Many traders and investors fall victim to the same mistakes every new trader makes. Our goal is to educate traders about the psychology that prevent many market participants from enjoying consistent success.  We believe a trader should view trading as just that, an art or sport and not a way to make money. Our course helps shape that thought process and will make you stand out against many professionals

This course has been developed by masters of the trading world and these same people are available to help you along the way. Our service is unbeatable!

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